Google Maps - GPS Navigation App Reviews

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Ricks expert tree service

John and his crew came out and removed a huge oak in my, hard to access back yard. No problem for these guys, I was very impressed by their professionalism. They left my property looking much better than it did before they came. I highly recommend any tree or landscaping services this company provides to everyone.

Used to like it

I liked this app up until the most recent my location does not change and has me on the map miles away from where I actually am and offline maps don’t work 50% of the time. Please fix this!

Can no longer search in a specific area

Used to be able to go to a specific area and look for an airport near there. Now when I search for an airport in a specific area ie. Yunnan China, it takes me back to the airport near me in the US. This is beyond ridiculous and that is why it gets 1 Star. It used to not be that way. You manually search in an area and it provides results only for the local area in which you search. Unacceptable.

Best Nav app

Great app

Read Rees

It’s have been good!


The new directions arrow icon on the main page is too small. I need travel time WITHOUT TRAFFIC. This used to be a feature and I don’t know why it was removed. I plan my travel in advance and rush hour or accidents throws the estimated time way off. I wish that when I search a town or city, the most frequent place I go to there came up first on the selection list.

It’s not working

This version has a bug and it’s not working most of time, Sometimes I choose the destination and i tap to direction but the app doesn’t show the directions, Or sometimes at first show the direction but after a few seconds there isn’t the direction! I think Google map is the best. #### I have that problem yet in new version!

Routing problem

Route disappear after few seconds and sometimes route displayed for only 1 seconds in iPhone 5s ios 10.3.3


I wonder why they keep turning traffic off when you leave the app? It is so annoying to have to turn traffic on every time you open the app. Perhaps you could fix that again with the next update and make sure you leave that feature alone for future updates. This isn’t the first time this happens with updates.

Yes great but flawed

I also have had baby problems with this app not working while using other apps like music. I really REALLY wish it would tell me the mileage for multiple stops on the iOS version like it does for android. Please add the mileage to be shown for multiple stops.

Better 3D on the desktop

Comparing side by side, the desktop shows greater range in tilting the 3D image


This is a very good app. I luv it❤️?????

GPS not working

Not sure if it’s google updates or phone updates but my GPS has been not working and all over the place. Normally happy with it but can’t stand it now.

Great App

Accurate, reliable and relevant to my needs.

Fix the glitch!!!

The most recent couple versions have the most annoying glitch when trying to change from car directions to bike, transit, etc. It doesn’t scroll smoothly like it used to, making it impossible to select the one you want!! I was hoping the glitch would be fixed in the latest update but no dice.

Lat/long direction redirects to different place!

There are many applications that provides deep link to the Google Map app using lat/long. Lately, there has been a bug that is causing the app to redirect to random place after correcting the route. It is easily reproduceable. I am suprised the QA missed this bug

The best

It never fails.

Please Turn off Default view w/ Traffic info

Please Turn off Default view with live Traffic information. It won’t stay turned off. Don’t want it. Too colorful and distracting. Let use choose. Let us turn it off and let it stay off.


Every time I toggle the avoid tolls switch, I go back and it’s untoggled again. Its the only switch that’s doing it too.

Not a fan of latest version

No way to modify default settings. I don’t want traffic and restaurant ideas every time I open the app

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