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Why the roundabout directions?

Have been using google maps for years and loving it, trusting it for best routing. Lately Ive been taken over the river and through the woods several times - at least once when I actually knew the shorter, more direct path to my destination. Dont know why this is happening, but Ive actually started carrying paper maps with me, just in case! Hello, 1950! Whats going on?

Traffic Layer Fixed

Updating my one star review to the five stars it now deserves after they fixed the traffic layer so it can remain on by default.

Forced to do something

As much as I love your app I hate the fact that you forced me to sign in to google account

السلام عليكم يوجد خلل

الخلل عندي الخريطه خربانه حاولة بكل الطرق مايمشي مع مساري فالسياره لا اعلم ماسبب تم حذف التطبيق ولا زال

Whats up with the traffic feature??

Why do we have turn on the traffic feature EVERY time we open the app? Please fix. Update - App is working great again. Thanks for fixing!

Directions via Bluetooth no longer work

Been using app for years, with most recent update, navigation over Bluetooth does not work. It beeps like it needs to give me directions but no voice. Just a red error message on my phone that says "iPhone low volume" even though volume is fine. Frustrating!! Going to WAZE, no issues there.

Awful just awful

I cannot begin to explain the amount of high blood pressure this app has given me, how this app has caused me to be late to work and other important events due to the app being really confused and not loading at a proper speed and the constant extreme glitching gets really annoying especially when youre trying to listen to music and it just keeps rerouting and talking for a second then reroutes again. This app is cancer dont get it. Dont get apple maps either they both are awful and I cant tell which is worse. Probably this one, Ive never screamed while using apple maps but I have countless times using this crap app.

So typically Google plus battery hog

Great directions, otherwise blecch: Interface non-intuitive, busy, and one big advertising machine. Plus, current version is a massive battery hog with notifications ON -- 40% battery gone after intermittent 3.5 hour use.



Amazing App

I love this amazing 99% is correct

The Homestore

I bought two rental properties seven years ago through the home store. The properties were updated, rented out and have been managed all this time. I could not speak more highly of the home store, every aspect of the purchase, update and management process were handled professionally. My properties have been rented, tenants satisfied and leases renewed or new tenants placed quickly. I would recommend the home store to anyone interested in owning a rental property, having one managed or looking to rent. Michael Weishaus

The best for public transport!!!

You took away my top menu step-by-step drop down instructions. ????!!That was bad!!!!! put it back please !now!


I have always been happy with Google maps, but after the latest update it seems to reroute me a lot like there is a glitch or it isn’t aware of where I am. It is to the point that I may switch to a different navigation system. It’s very annoying and not convenient.

Excellent work

Excellent Work.


Every time I try to use the voice commands in app to search for a location, it prompts me to change my privacy settings and allow microphone access. That would be fine if that setting werent already turned on. Developers for this app have gotten lazy and dont fix the bugs anymore. Not nearly as good as it used to be- this is just one example of how this app falls short.

Improved some areas-will not load easily as other apps

Love the new update to measure distance. Have had to use other apps to do this before. Excited to do this if it will load. Unfortunately I have resorted to other apps that will actually load if in poor service areas. I can get other similar apps to load so as a result I have defaulted to using them because I never know when Google Maps will load or not. What is it that keeps it from loading in areas of poor service but other apps load more easily. Cant use all the cool features if the app wont load.

Used to be great

I’m on iOS 11 now, and it crashes all the time

Good job

Very good

Bad app

This app is full of pop ups. At least twice a day I get a pop up asking some stupid question. Its a map app!!! Just show me the map and get the hell out of my way! Case in point, Im driving and glance down at my phone to check the map. But I cant see it because the app has a pop up asking for a review!! Leave me alone and let me use the freakin map!

Meant to give it a two

This app is cumbersome within my iPhone and doesnt link as easily as it should. Frequent issues with transfer from the internet to the app and Im not sure how the net version constantly hijacks whatever Im doing and then always wants me to switch to the app. Frustrating.

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