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Google Maps

I rely on this app daily to find all my customers and chart the best route. Simple. Wouldnt it be nice if, when an app had finally got it right, they just sent all the upgrader nerds home?


I love this app I would give it five stars but my Google timeline has not been working for a very long time and I have tried everything hopefully google read this review and get back to me please help.

Honda of Katy

I was very pleased with the Sales consultant .On my visit to Honda Cars of Katy .This was positive experience.My Sales Consultant was a guy named Joshua Campbell.He made our visit one of the best ,we have had in a long time.Joshua,s knowledge of the Honda vehicles was impeccable!! We were so pleased to buy our vehicle from Honda Cars of Katy. Management please keep up the excellent training of our Sales Consultant Joshua Campbell. He really made our sale the best.We will always come back with our friends and family.keep up the good job. Sincerely, Big babybanks.

Wayne Williamson attn.

I would highly recommend Mr. Williamson to anyone. He handled a very old estate will with such ease that it seemed effortlessly. I called him on several occasions and he always answered or if out he would get back to me promptly. All of my questions were explained in detail. I can’t praise him enough. 5 STARS *****

Used to be great

After the last update it only works once in a while. The arrow points in the wrong direction and will freeze. Tried deleting and reinstalling but I’m still having the same issues. It’s at the point that I won’t be using this anymore. No issue with the other two navigation apps I have so it’s not my phone. This is happening on iPhone 6s.

Update wont install + other qualms.

Updated 04-03-2018: Doesnt automatically re-route me to the fastest route when theres a lot of traffic despite showing other, quicker routes available! Its too fiddley and dangerous to keep tapping and zooming out when driving. This should be an option to make it automatic. Updated 08-08-17: I dont want to upload pictures to the map - dont care dont need the distraction whilst driving. What I do need is for the audio turn-by-turn directions to be able to tell me when to turn etc within a reasonable time prior - not after Ive already passed by the intersection/street/location! This seems to be another new issue. I had to delete this app because the most recent update wont install and is stuck on loading and then crashes, rendering the app useless. When it was working, I really hate the newly added "explore nearby" stuff. I use Google Maps solely for for driving directions and to view alternative routes from point A to point B; I do not need to explore nearby venders and such while doing this. I keep accidentally hitting the explore bar or whatever its called as it is in the way of the search bar. Very annoying! Lastly, the traffic algorithm is so inaccurate and is never up to date - and Im in a large, major metropolitan US city, so I really dont understand how this essential aspect can be so feeble, especially now that Google has bought Waze (which was my go-to traffic/route app, until Google messed with it). FIX please!

Chrome support

Please fix so that visiting sites related to places opens in Chrome (if it’s installed). Other Google apps (such as Gmail), open links in Chrome. Why won’t this? Just opens in Safari, which is no use to me. Also “cannot reach server” when viewing place photos has been going on for far too long.

Increasingly inaccurate

I use Google in a professional capacity. And something I’ve noticed lately is how Google maps has lost its once stellar luster. I can be looking at a planned route and see the traffic congestion. At the same time, be on the phone with someone in the same area as the planned route and get a conflicting report. I know Google has tuned their algorithm on the search engine to skew results to support some hidden agenda. Has the same happened to their maps? I dunno. All I know is, I’ll probably be getting a Garmin. This app isn’t near as handy and accurate as it once was.

Pretty good!

❤️ the bike directions; apple watch integration could be better

Starred places

I rely on this function for my work, I lost a lot of information before I figured out that google maps was deleting my saved locations after I hit 500. Why don’t they give you a notification at least?


Taking safest route is not always the fastest during peak traffic times. Alternate route adaptations likely to occur with future use, all the best.

Very goog

The google map is very good.we like it,we plan our trip on this map many times,it supplied us almost everything.we like it very much.thank you.very good。

In app game

I was recently told there was an in app game of Where’s Waldo. I’ve been searching for the last hour on google how to play this game. My app is updated to the latest version and my iPhone X is also updated. I don’t see why I can’t access this game everyone is excited over. This is pretty frustrating.

Apple should take notes

Been using Google maps for many years now and have always been very happy with it. I recently bought a new vehicle and the display screen is only compatible with Apple maps. I have since then been reminded of my hatred towards Apple maps. It’s actually hard to believe how horribly inaccurate it is. The directions that the app suggests are wrong most of the time. I’m shocked that a company like Apple would release such a pathetic product and allow it to continue to function so poorly. Moral of the rant is to stick with Google Maps.

Does not work well

I used this app a lot and it was a good app, but recently it doesn’t work well with my new version of iOS 11.3. It doesn’t give me directions. What’s wrong? Please fix it as soon as possible because I need this app to help me to get directions. Thanks


live traffic is turning on itself. Tried turning off several times but still it gets turned on itself. Must be some app bug.


I like this services, it a really good help for finding places , thanks

Victory smiles

I really love the smile they gave me. Dr. Diana did an excellent job on my dentures

Keeps freezing when I try to use it

I’ve uninstalled it multiple times but every time I try to restart my route the arrow doesn’t move & it keeps jumping


Thank you @google. You saved my life. @arlo @ajstein Sincerely, B John Mars

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